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PUR 3000 class reflection June 19, 2011

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This summer semester I took PUR 3000. This was my first official PR class and I very much enjoyed it! It made me excited to take the rest of my PR coursework through graduation. I feel that this class touched many aspects of the public relations spectrum and has prepared me for my future classes. I feel like I now know the general ideas, tactics and purposes of public relations. My favorite part of this class was the social media campaigns. These were very interesting and entertaining to watch. These projects showed me how much public relations use social media and are incorporated into Twitter, Facebook and other social media networks in their everyday use. I never realized how much social media was used until after this project. In this class we were also required to make a Twitter, a blog, a LinkedIn and a Prezi. I have never been one to use Twitter or one who did blogging. However, after doing it, I see how important and helpful it is in public relations. I became a lot more technologically savvy through these projects as well. We also had to volunteer at an event for this class. I choose to volunteer for the Best Buddies organization and helped out with a 5k race. I very much enjoyed this experience and learned a lot. We had to write a paper on it as well and that obviously helped me with my PR ability because writing is very important in this field. Overall, I really enjoyed this class and I think that it was a great class to prepare me for the rest of my PR classes and future career.


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