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Twitter Chat #purstudchat June 9, 2011

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I did the #PRstudchat on Twitter on May 18, 2011. At first, I thought it was just going to be a lot of people happy to graduate, but after being on the chat for a while I learned a lot of helpful tips that I could use in PR. It was asked what the expectations of young professionals were. A CEO said, “If you’re asked to complete a ‘test’ assignment, turn it around fast.” Another professional said that a valid concern in PR is that many students have no experience and no online presence. Patience and passion are key in PR. Lauren Gray suggests an online portfolio for students. She also suggests keeping up with the news and knowing what is going on in the world. Understanding the other side of the spectrum first hand is important, so getting internships is vital. Gray says that marketing and advertising are your colleagues, not your competition. I noticed that a lot of the new grads were very anxious and had many questions about suggestions as a young professional. Many of them had tips for those of us who weren’t graduated yet, such as getting an internship, and being involved. Speaking of being involved, Christina Morgan emphasizes just how important PRSA is. She describes it as an extremely active network with tons of student/professional engagement.  One girl asked what industries are up and coming that PR professionals should keep their eyes on? Mark Ragan said that health care is always up and coming. Lisa Brock added that Medical tech, celebrity, and sports PR are also on the rise. A final suggestion from PRSSA was to be adaptable. In turn it will make you more marketable. This chat really helped me see the ups and downs of PR and gave me so many useful tips that I know I will use in my future PR career.


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