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PR experts working on raising issues with the iPhone April 11, 2011

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The Apple iPhone is one of the most popular, most talked about, and highest rated cell phones in the world. The most recent iPhone is the iPhone 4. The issue that Apple faced is the “trash-talk” of the hardware on the phone. Cult of Mac says, “Apple acknowledged the issue earlier, but said the problem was caused by the way the iPhone calculates signal strength. The company had promised to issue a software fix quickly. Many critics viewed Apple’s response as spin, which was compounded by a devastating report from Consumer Reports saying the reception issue is hardware related.” ( PR specialists have said that Apple is losing valuable custumers and hurting the brand, which is more valuable than anyone product, all due to Apple’s “lackluster response.”

So what should Apple do?  PR expert Rene A. Henry, author of Communicating In A Crisis, also said Apple should issue a hardware recall. “They’ve got to recall and replace it if they want to protect their image and reputation.” ( This PR crisis has grown so much that the iPhone wasn’t even suggested to consumers in the widely-read Consumer Reports magazine. ( Apple’s press release stated that it is a simple fix and software display issue, but rankings from magazines and critics say otherwise. The thing that many people are mad about is the fact that Apple didn’t come out with the issue and that customers are finding the glitches themselves.

The new iPhone is said to come out in June. PR experts are working hard to not let their image and brand name fail and to not let their customers down.



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