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Protecting Their Image February 8, 2011

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While public relations is important for many reasons, one of the main purposes of PR is to maintain a good reputation among a business, celebrity, company, etc.  A blog on Technorati mentions the “worst PR of 2011.” Taco Bell restaurants all over the country are being bashed for their grade of beef. USDA requires a minimum of 40% beef and Taco Bell stands at a mere 36%. Taco Bell PR specialists are working hard to get Taco Bell back up to expected standards. Lawyers suggest changing Taco Bell commercials since Taco bell advertises “seasoned beef” when that is not what they are selling.

 Public relations for Cinepoint Productions does publicity for the Golden Globes. As of now there is much controversy on this topic because Golden Globes did not keep its promise of renewing Cinepoint contract and found a new company to do its PR. Cinepoint is now suing the Golden Globes. The public relations team for the Golden Globes is now stepping up to undo their company’s image.  Celebrity, Jake Gyllenhaal, was bashed for his recent breakup with Taylor Swift. He has even been talked about in blogs saying, “We Hate You Jake Gyllnehaal!” Gyllenhaal’s publicist is now trying to get that straightened out. 

Public relations specialists are the ones that that deal with all these issues of protecting an image of an organization or person. Since they are they are protecting reputations and images, PR specialists are high in demand and one of the fastest growing careers in the business world, according to the website Hubpages. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics showed that in 2007 the average salary for PR Specialists was $57,100 and is expected to increase faster than the average for all occupations through 2012. According to the number of PR specialist jobs currently held is 275,200, but expected to be 341,300 by 2018. Almost every organization needs a PR specialist. Non profits, schools, hospitals, companies, businesses, and even public figures need someone to convey good news and facts about them to the public. However, being a PR specialist also has its non-glamorous side of having to secure issues, mistakes, rumors, and drama that leak out to the public.


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